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AF8/AFM8 turrets and professional harness tool list

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey guys, im trying to get my tools for my autosport bulkhead connectors, and man is this confusing LoL. Theres positioners and turrets combined with the pretty unreasonable situation of having to buy a whole separate tool to do size 22 contacts.

I would like to buy the turrets in place of the positioners, so i wanted to ask if they would work for pins and sockets before i pull the trigger.

Also,is there a list of tools from the professional harness course, similar to the one from the club level course?

Thank you for your time

If you are not doing large numbers and budget is a consideration, then you could go for a MH860 tool with a 86-37 universal positioner, this is the same smaller size frame as the AFM8 but will allow you to crimp anything from 16AWG to 28AWG, but you have to adjust the positioner for each different pin. The MH860 often comes up cheap on ebay as it seems less popular than the AFM8.

For the AF8 in motorsport the most common option is to get the TH1A turret, this allows you to do most size 12,16 & 20 pins/sockets. I find the AF8 is a bit of an uncomfortable size though so prefer the smaller tools where suitable.

For the AFM8 I dont think there is "turret" type positioner, you will need a range of different positioners (or a universal positioner that has to be adjusted for each job). Most common are the K1S which does DTM pins/sockets, K40 which does AS size 22 sockets, K42 for AS22 pins and the K43 for AS size 20 pins and sockets.

THANK YOU! i have searched for the exact information you gave me for 3 days before i made this post.

I'm definitely not doing production runs. I have one car that I'm building a whole electrical system for, and another that will just be an engine harness.

As far as the autosport connectors, the bulkheads will be the only thing i use the tool for, everything else on both vehicles are sumitomo connectors

Also, the MH860 will work for the deutsch autosport contacts, correct?

Correct, the MH860 with the universal positioner will do all the common AS16/AS20/AS22 as well as DTM and DT.

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