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Another wire question sorry

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey all hope everyone's well

Trying to generate a table of wire to amp max usage like in the fundamentals course but for spec 55 m22759

I have searched and searched but to no prevail. Anyone able to shed some info so i can infill my table on my documentation

Many thanks


I just googled "M22759 current rating", and found multiple places showing the same table found on this page:


Not sure why my phone isnt finding such information in my search. But neather the less ty very much for your time and answer.

Glad to help.

The thing about wiring is that it doesn't directly have a 'current limit'. If it did, then that info would be in the datasheets from the wire manufacturers.

The true limit for a wire is a temperature limit. Current is just one of the numerous factors that affects temperature. So there is no single current limit, it's variable based on the usage scenario. And the tolerance the builder is willing to allow.

The link from Pegasus above has current limits that they came up with. Corsa-Technic has done their own math and came up with their own numbers that are slightly different: Mil-Spec Wiring | Corsa Technic (corsa-technic.com)

I've come up with a shortcut that I use. I go by the Deutsch terminal limits as my limits for wiring. Since most wires in a harness will pass through at least one Deutsch connector (or some other lesser connector). The connector is almost always the limiting factor anyway. So I think these are very good/safe numbers to use.

And this saves us the trouble of having to do any thinking or any math. :)

Deutsch Size (AWG size) : Current Limit

24 : 3A

22 : 5A

20 : 7.5A

16 : 13A

12 : 25A

This is a shortcut, so it's not a perfect answer. But these are good starting numbers, and you can choose to go up or down from there as you see fit.

Makes sense also wedge. I know theres many factors involved. Was just to get a rough gauge. But yes i understand your concept also ty kindly

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