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Anyone using Harnware?

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Hey folks,

Are any of you using Harnware? I'm considering investing in it, fundamentally to save time in documentation.

I'm finding I'm spending a considerable about of time on documentation and if I can save a few hours per project that will soon add up to cover the cost. Following the initial investment, the annual per-seat licence cost seems like excellent value.

Just after some feedback from anyone who's using it, whether its been a good investment and sped up your processes etc.



Im interested to hear also. Im using Rapid Harness at the moment and it works ok but it is too basic and locked down for the cost. Lots of basic functionality missing such as it cant show how many wires are in a bundle etc. Harnware on the otherhand looks like it has most functionality that is needed but the fact that it was last updated in 2011 and the drawing part of it is based on Visio scares me off a little.

What is the price for Harnware? Interested, too.

Hey guys, sorry for the slow reply. Been flat out busy& travelling a lot.

So the way it works with Harnware is you pay for a TE training course (around £1500 here in the UK) and then an annual seat price that is around (£250). The training course includes the first years seat price.

In my opinion the pricing structure is good, keeping long term costs low but I’ve not been able to talk with anyone using it for feedback. I need to arrange an e-meeting with one of the guys at TE soon to discuss - hoping a fly-through demo will give a good overview, so I will report back :)

OK, sounds fairly reasonable. Thanks for getting back on this.

Will check if there are also training courses available in Germany. I feel it could be a worthwhile investment.