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ASL AWG Size Wire?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey Guys,

Probably a very simple answer, but I have yet to work with Deutsch ASL connectors, so I figured I'd ask.

The terminals for these state Size 23 contacts. So what size wire do you use? 24 AWG and it crimps and passes a pull test or 22 and remove a few conductor strands to fit in a size 23 contact?


Thought I'd posted a response, seems not?

Looks like 22-28 AWG according to their #23 pin description - https://www.buydeutsch.com/collections/autosport/products/604935

I assume you have the correct crimping tool, that may affect the smaller gauge wire crimps.

Thanks for the reply Gord!!

Yup, according to the Deutsch Catalog the socket positioner is 604973, so I'll make sure to pick that one up.

The #23 socket is a really cool "in between" size.

It can physically accept a 22awg wire. But it has the electrical current rating of a #24 socket.

This gives it the best of both worlds: It's much smaller and more compact than a #22 socket. But it still takes the 22awg wire that most harnesses use but wouldn't fit into a #24 socket.

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the reply. Pretty slick little connector. I'm just now venturing into smaller ga wiring and ASL as I perform an AEM to MoTeC conversion on my Factory Five Racing GTM Supercar. I built my original harness with majority of 20, and of course larger for power distribution.

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