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autosport connector help

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Afte ordering twice the wrong connector, I hope someone can help selecting the correct one.

I need connector for

20awg wires

And 30 -40 wires.


So to figure this out, you start with the Autosport Catalog found here:


Then you look for a contact arrangement that has the necessary number of #20 terminals. I would suggest 18-32 (32 #20 terminals), 20-39 (37 #20 and 2 #16 terminals), or 20-41 (41 #20 terminals).

Then you decide which side wants to have Pins, and which Sockets. Then choose the right flange / receptacle.

So for example, you might want AS620-39SN for the Plug and AS020-39PN for the Receptacle.

If you don't care about Autosport, you might want to use Milspec connectors such as MS3470A18-32S (33 #20 Socket terminals), with the mating MS3476A13-32P Plug.

That the problem my orders were from this catalog 😁 and order wrong connector twice.

I will try the one you mentioned


You don't provide enough info to help. What did you order -- and why?

I order the one without the 20 awg wire just 22-26

Now I split the harness for 2 with 2 auto sport connector. And ordered MS3470A18-32S (33 #20 Socket terminals), with the mating MS3476A13-32P Plug.FOr the 20 awg wires .

Thank you for the help

Make sure both sides are 18-32, I see I made a typo myself were I said 13-32 (should be 18-32) on the MS3476

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