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CAN Bus Deutsch 4 Pin Standard Pinout

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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In the CAN bus videos, you mentioned an internal pinout standard for the DTM 4 pin and CAN bus, can you share what the pinouts are (1: Gnd, 2: C-, 3:C+, 4: 12V)?


Hi John,

That is the standard pinout for nearly all MoTeC CAN products (the Keypads have a different ordering scheme) but I'm not sure about other brands. It is a useful layout to use, I find, as you know that the lowest pin will be the ground and the highest is the power supply.

Yeah I know Motec, Link, Haltech & AEM which all use a DTM4 all managed to pick different pinouts and none of them are compatible. I like Stephen's low to high convention and try to use that for all connectors in most stuff I wire, so I would do that if you have a choice. Unfortunately our pinout convention came long before me so I just have to live with it.

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