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Can bus steering wheel controls

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm looking for a specific type of can bus steering wheel controls. I have attached a picture. Does anyone know who makes these or where to purchase?

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Interesting system but not one I've seen before sorry. If you get stuck then the option we used is the ECU Master CAN switch pad. This requires wiring your own switches or rotary encoders though.

Here you go, https://www.epsmotorsport.com/blank-rwrlr/driver-steering-wheel-button-kit

They are not CAN but do require only 1 input to the PDM per pad (4 buttons). It's probably using a function with logic based on the input voltage. For example, it could be something like this, button 1 = 2.5v, button 2 = 5v, button 3 = 7.5v and button 4 = 10v...

Are you using a MoTeC PDM?

I have done something similar to use a rotary switch with a MoTeC PDM, you have to be mindful of the effect of the engine running on battery voltage depending how the switches are powered.

If you're interested in a full CAN steering wheel panel I've attached an image of a product I sell in North America.

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