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Hello everyone,

I just completed the club level and professional wiring courses and I have a few questions about CAN wiring. I'm not entirely sure on the proper way to hook up devices to the CAN bus.

I've attached a drawing I made detailing the two ways that I think it could be done. Could you guys take a look and tell me which is best/ correct. I personally think option 2 would be easier, but I don't know if it'll casuse problems. If you need more info let me know. Thanks!

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Both are acceptable, but in both cases your keypad and spare connector are considered "stubs", so these need to be fairly short. Some specs quote 500mm max stub length, others say 300mm max as a guide. I have often seen much longer work but you need to validate that yourself if you are not going to follow the rules...

If you can keep those stubs to below about 500mm then it should be fine. If you need more length then it is best to do a daisychain type bus like below:

Thanks for the help. Just to confirm what your saying, for example in your diagram you provided I would run a twisted pair to device 2 then splice in another twisted pair at the back of the connector and run another twisted pair to device 3?

Yep, often you can just crimp two wires in one pin at the device connector.

Awesome. Thank you!