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Coil potting and booting question

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey guys,

Got another random question when it comes to potting and booting sensors and actuators. What are you guys doing for individual coil packs on V8 engines. Would you pot and boot each coil and then run the four coil wire on each side of the motor to an auto sports connector (1 auto sports connector going to 4 coils) or would you give each coil its own auto sports connector?

I think the only down fall would be if one coil went out, I'd have to rebuild the whole thing after replacing the individual coil. On the other side if each coil had its own pigtail, the cost is going WAY up just to have AS connectors.



I am curious as well on this. Is it better to pot and go to one connector or 1 connector per ported device?

Better to pot individually, allows debugging by swapping coils, and replacing just a single bad coil. You don't have to use really expensive Autosport connectors everywhere, a Deutsch DTM series can still handle the current for a coil without a problem.

Thanks for the feedback, makes sense to me.

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