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Concentric twist

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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How did you do the concentric twisting of the smaller branch point. You didn't go over that or how to do it in both the branching or concentric twisting videos.

If there's fewer than 7 wires in the branch, then you don't do a concentric twist. Just a plain twist for those branches.

If it's around 8-12 wires, then you get to choose how you want to compromise. You can either just do a plain twist anyway, or you can add a lot of fillers to get it up to 19 so it can be concentric twisted.

I'm trying to figure out how do this.

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You start over at each branch. Just tie off the completed sections with wire ties (and perhaps some kapton tape), and begin the new section with new wire ties. Carry on. Careful thought as to the position of wires that will split off in the transitions can make this as neat as your picture.

It's hard to do it to this level. That's why I don't bother. Unless you have endless time (or a customer with both endless time and an endless budget), it just doesn't doesn't make sense, I only twist segments that need to have extreme flexibility, or would be highly visible and a very round cable look is required.

Yeah, getting branches that tight and neat is difficult. You have to pre-plan the location of all the wires within the twist in the main trunk.

The general idea is that the longest wires in the main trunk need to be grouped in the inner layers. And the early branches need to be on the outer layers, and the later branches can be in the middle somewhere.

It's not too bad when all the wires are coming from a single location, like a bulkhead connector.

But it gets much more difficult when wires are coming from multiple locations.

For example, you might have fuel injector wires coming from the ecu through a bulkhead connector. But then you'll have the +12v coming from a fusebox. And now you'll have to get the injector power wires from the fusebox to branch into the main trunk right alongside the injector wires from the bulkhead. Then they can all branch out together nice and neat and tidy.

It's time-consuming to say the least.

I've tried, but it rarely works out as good as I hope. So I pretty much just do the best I can without going too crazy, and I don't care much about making the branches so perfect anymore.

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