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Concentric twisted bundle

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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The concentrically twisted trunk built in this module is one length, with each wire starting and ending at the same point. A couple of questions based off of this -

Is this strictly for example, or would this be intended for a main trunk from ecu to firewall bulkhead?

How will the power wires for the coils and injectors splice together?

My apologies if these are answered in the following modules, I'll keep watching.

Hi Ryan, I'm not 100% sure what example you're referencing however a real harness would typically have multiple branch or transition points throughout the harness. One of the design considerations with a concentric lay is trying to ensure you're not fishing wires out of the inside layer at your very first transition - Sometimes this is inevitable though.

The power wires can be handles in a few different ways depending on the size of contact in your connector. For an example, the harness I'm currently constructing uses 22 AWG contacts which is a little marginal to support a coil so I've run two 12V feeds through the connector for each coil. You can run these to the terminal and terminate them together or you could also splice the 2 x 22 AWG wires into a single 20 AWG or 18 AWG wire to run to the coil. In the same fashion I'm splicing 1 x 22 AWG 12V feed off to two injectors so this just becomes a splice at the back of the connector.

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