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Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hello all

Building a high spec loom I'm taking this course

I was wondering on what awg or mm2 was appropriate for multicore screen 2 core

I was thinking 0.4awg each cable or this too much

Also where do you get the boots for joints in the UK

Regards liam

G'day Liam.

In the UK I've used IS Motorsport to get stuff before, they should have a good stock of motorsport heatshrink boots.

by 0.4AWG do you mean 0.4mm^2, which is between 20, and 22AWG. Either is fine, I tend to use 22AWG, as it opens up the connector options much more. 24AWG can also be a good choice, as you get some more flexibility. The actual current on these wires will be quite low, so its not the current handling that will drive your choice, it will be more determined by the connectors through which it has to pass and the concentric layup schedule.

Awesome reply zac thank you I Did a bit of searching and found another reply you posted previously and ordered 20m of m27500 24awg twin core

I'm converting to r8 coils on my duratec v6 for the trigger wire from ecu is 0.4 still OK or a bit under sized the main ignition lead is main current holder but wasn't sure on the ecu ignition driver output

Well I got this 0.4mm2 it's way too small in my opionion I converted it too 24awg

So gonna get some 22awg and some 20awg ptfe cable

22awg is 0.65mm2 and 20awg is 0.8

I'm not used to using cable that fine I do hgv automotive wiring and tefzel isn't used just automotive thin wall

Do you have a milspec wire number for 22 awg that you have used and what sort of price would you expect to pay


22 Awg mil wire number is M22759/32-22-9 (white solid). For your convenience I provided you with the link below where you can purchase it. Price is reasonably good.


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