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Crimp connections for larger splice joins

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey all,

I am nearing completion of my Actuator Harness. Only part I have left is the coil pack portion of the harness. I am splicing 1x 16ga to 4x 18ga per cylinder bank to power the coilpacks. The yellow striped closed barrel crimp is too small for this splice join. I have the large open barrel crimps, but unfortunately, I do not have the proper tooling to crimp this particular crimp (part number 62357-1). Is the 3187 CT crimp tool sufficient for this join, before I go to order one (which of course they are out of stock most places).

Alternatively, am I able to reliably use a solder sleeve for these larger joins? since they will be contained within a sealing boot and sufficiently strain relieved.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Hello i have no problem with using solder but I'm sure the purists amongst us will put a hit on me for saying this,

Regards Ross

4x18 + 1x16 is ~= 1x10awg. It's not very big, a 10awg splice and crimper can handle that no problem.

What coils do you have? You can probably be fine with 20awg, in which case a 12awg splice would probably work.

I am running stock GM, LS3 coils, but would like to prep for IGN1A coils, in case I decide to upgrade.

I tend to cascade crimps when necessary, however in DFI scenarios I'd tend to agree with Matt. You should be fine with 20awg given your duty cycles.

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