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I was wondering what people are using to crimp 1-6 AWG wire and what style of crimp works best?

Common question ask on the facebook wiring group. Mixed reviews but goes something like this.

Basic tool, some have had 20+ crimps then had problems:

Some have had more success but a mixed bag, there is however a slightly better product that has a closed top rather than the 'C' style. This gives a more direct pressure on the crimp and should last a little longer.

Other end of the scale the pro tool.

If you are doing limited crimps then option one seems like a reasonable price to pay to at least get the first lot done with no issues, but like everything you pay for what you get.

Brian is on the money, I've got the aliexpress tool, and have had nothing but success out of it in the last couple of years. It doesnt get used super hard, so has lasted well. Wouldnt stand up to an every day use environment though.