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"D dataLogger with Ignitech Racing Unit Spark

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi folks

I came across with a odd situation, I’ll briefly explain what’s going on.

We've got a motorcycle racing team, the bike itself is carburetor then drastically reduces the wiring harness. The bike is fitted with a spark unit control (CDI) from a racing company called Ignitech and we have a data logger interface united from 2D Datalogger (most used in motogp).

Bassicaly what we’re trying to achieve is make the CDI communicates with the data logger. Our aim is get only 2 information, RPM(tacho) and TPS.

I already tried contact both companies but they are to busy or they just don’t wanna bother themselves.

so I’ve attached the wiring harnesses layout from the Ignitech which shows we might get those information from the cdi. Also I have attached the 2D layout that makes easier to understand what we are talking about it.

There’s some guys telling me I can get the RPM, from the coils and put into the 2D input ‘High can’. Have you ever hear anything about it?

Ill be extremely happy if you can see this case with goodwill!


Ps. If you add any emotion, for some reason your text will be deleted.

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To get TPS, splice to pin 6 on the CDI box (the TPS Signal), attach to the Ain6 (pin3) on the D2. Let the CDI supply the power/ground, just measure it with the D2, make sure the D2 internal pullup is turned off. You might need to connect one of the D2 analog grounds (pins 18-21) to the sensor ground of the CDI box (pins 7 or 16), but try it first without that in case one is floating and the other is connected to chassis ground.

Pin 15 of the CDI supplies the Tacho signal - I would try connecting that to the Din2 RPM input (pin 15 as well) on the D2

Hi David,

Thank you very much, I’ll try it and let you know!

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