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DMC positioner for Deutsch AS and Souriau connectors? (sourcing Deutsch connectors in the US)

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi Everyone. I'm looking to buy dmc AF8 crimp tool to use with Deutsch AS and Souriau 8STA Connectors (mainly using 22awg wires). Is there a single positioner that works on both connectors or should I purchase the TH1A Turret? I'm trying to find the cheaper option.

I'm also looking for genuine deutsch dtm, dt, and dtp connector kits to buy from the U.S. Any recommendations on trusted websites as most websites I know seem to be out of stock.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

For size 22 autosport you would be better with a AFM8, I don't think it will be easy to find positioners that do AS pins in the AF8. I know a TH163 turret can do size 16 AS but that's the only time I have seen AS done in an AF8.

A TH1A can do DTM/DT & DTP, but it is a pretty uncomfortable tool to use for DTM which for most people is the most common size crimp (really have to stretch your hand to grip it when fully open).

So my suggestion instead would be an AFM8 with the 3 or 4 positioners needed for the AS & DTM, and then the AF8 for the DT & DTP.

Or you could go for the MH860 + 4 positioners which will cover the AS/DTM/DT and then you will need something bigger only for the DTP. I only have a budget crimp tool for DTP since I rarely use them. The bonus with the MH860 is it can do the newish solid superseal 1.0 pins too.

If you are looking to buy from the USA, send an email to Racespec, they will be happy to help you.


Thanks guys for your input. I'm still however at lost regarding choosing the correct positioner for souriau 8ST connectors size 22 and 20 awg. Please advice me on the correct positioner for it.

I chose positioners k42 and k43 for autosport connectors

Also can the solid gold plated pins for deutsch dtm be crimpped on 22 awg wire?

8STA are based on the same mil specs as AS. for size 22 pins you need a K42. For size 22 sockets you need a K40. The K43 is used for size 20 AS pins and sockets.

Yes DTM size 20 can do down to 22AWG.

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