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Ethernet wiring within Harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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What wire do you use?

shielded or not shielded?

Which side should the shield be terminated if you connect for example an ECU with a Dash.

Assuming you are talking about twisted pair ethernet. I just run the twisted pairs. Are you sure the ECU and dash communicate via Ethernet, and that the ethernet connection on each one is not just for it's own configuration? If it's used for configuration, you would really want either two ethernet bulkhead connectors, or to connect them to an ethernet hub / switch.

I have never worried about shielding ethernet in a motorsports usage. First the distances are short, and second, I think the error correcting protocols deal with this just fine.

Yes I'm talking about twisted pair ethernet. And that's clear for devices with Ethernet for the PC connection like MoTeC, each one needs its own Ethernet connector or a switch. Other manufacturers like Bosch MS are using Ethernet communication between devices. So i was wondering if a shielded cable is really needed and if yes, what typ is used in a professional grade loom.

Hi Adrian,

What does Bosch's documentation say about it? It may also depend on the types of signals being sent through the adjacent wiring as well.

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