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Hello , when you have to wire a fan with 3 20 awg wire to support high amperage do you splice the wire in order to use just one pin on autorsport connector or you have to use 3 pins and then join them at the output of pmu and fan connector.

Depends on what size autosport pin you are talking...

A size 20 pin is only good for 7.5A and a size 22 is only good for 5A so you would have to use multiple pins to handle the current in these cases. But you can get "Autosport pins" all the way down to size 4 which handle 200A.

Hello Adam

Thanks for your reply, so to understand this, if i am making a fan work from my pdm that normally runs a 12awg wire but i need to use this autosport connector as a bulkhead for firewall pass i need to splice 3 20awg wire to get aprox 21 amps going out from pdm output ,then when i get into the AS connector use 3 pins and when I reach the fan connector power input splice again the 3 wires coming from the AS connector ?


Yes that would be the most correct way to do it. The alternative that I have seen done is to run 3 seperate 20awg wires all the way from the PDM to fan, this can be nicer from a "packaging" perspective but is less safe electrically - if there ever is a bad connection on one of the wires then the remaining two will be overloaded.