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I need to repair a very expensive fuel pump assembly (pump, level sender, filter...) in a gas tank. Having everything else solved, I need to rewire the pump.

will tefzel wire endure fuel submersion? Are there any other alternatives?

Thank you all!


As far as I’m aware Tefzel is fuel resistant but please check the spec sheet to be 100% sure.

I would also suggest using Reychem RW200E heat shrink tubing as an additional safety measure.

Thank you Scotty88! I’ll have a look at the original wires to see if there’s some inscription in them. Apart from their insulation they have no extra protection. They just broke out of the fuel pump assembly so close to it that repair is impossible!

You should use a PTFE insulated wire as it has excellent resistance to gasoline and ethanol. M22759/11 is a good choice.