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Future proofing a harness.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm currently at the design stage of a harness for a vehicle that currently doesn't utilise a specific crank position sensor, it makes do with the distributor.

Is it a viable option to run a shielded cable within the harness to an approximate location for an after market CAS and terminate this with a DTM connector.

Am I likely to find interference at this connector when (and if) a Crank Position Sensor is added?

If you are worried about the shielding ending at the DTM, consider putting the shield onto one of the DTM pins, so it can be connected to the shield from the sensor (ie, if you have a 3-pin DTM to allow Hall or VR sensor, then use a 4-pin DTM with the additional pin for the shield).

A short segment (like through a connector) that isn't shielded usually works just fine. I would not locate that DTM connector right next to a coil or solenoid however (devices that can generate electromagnetic interference that shielding cures).

Thanks for the reply, David. I had that strategy in mind.

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