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General ground power design for mid-engined car

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I thought to put up a question in general terms so it maybe useful for others as well, potentially.

The situation is the following:

A mid-engined sport-car with aluminium (like Elise/Exige) or CF chassis

Lithium Battery is at the front as well as the front PDM | bulkhead 1 | ECU is in the cabin | bulkhead 2 | Engine (aluminium head and block) and second PDM

Here is some first sketch, but I am worried that it is still not ONE point

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Hello Ciro where you going to send more info with your post ?

Hi Ross, thanks for pointing out, the attachment did not work from the first time

I see also that in general PDMs tend to have few ground pins (like PDM16 by motec has two #20 pins), so do I get right the idea that I would have a ground junction box of some sort (I thought of using special bars with threaded studs) just next to pdm and take grounds for PDM channels as well as PDM itself from there? The junction box itself would be grounded either to the battery (front) or engine head (rear)?

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Here is a sketch with Lotus Elise-like aluminium chassis example. The reddish color indicates the questions...

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Hi ciro

I think it's better to make star connection for the ground. Battery negative to the chassis. And all ground points to the chassis.

Thanks Ebrahim! The problem is that the chassis is not well-connected front-to-back, being glued together

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