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Grounding Shield signal wire at ECU and Engine..... Thoughts?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm curious what everyone has to say about grounding shielded wires. I know in the course it states to only ground the shield at one end. However, I'm creating a new harness to use with my plug and play g4x on my 2005 Subaru STI, and the factory wiring manual suggests grounding in the engine bay and back at the ECU. Currently I'm using shielded cable for knock (1x) crankshaft position sensor (2x), and potentially a 2x for the throttle body (this would all depend on what you guys think about grounding at both ends for my build. I should also mention that I will be using the AIM PDM32 for power routing, not that it matters with the above mentioned sensors. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated

Dear Kenny

the concept of using the shield is to damp the noise generated around the signal wires so it’s enough to ground only one end.

wishing you a successful wiring build.

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