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Grounding to the engine block.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Grounding to the engine block and only the engine block.

In this case is it acceptable to run something along the lines of a zero gauge wire to the engine block into the car onto a ground block for all grounding needs?

Also OEM grounding points from a 2jz block or head routing to the chassis is no longer needed correct?

Dear Matt

all what you need is to avoid grounding loops.

Still really haven’t figured this out. Anyone?

yes, that's OK.

Personally using 0 or double 0 or even 2 gauge is is overkill from what I've been seeing in the professional motorsport wiring industry. its heavy not flexible even though its easily obtainable from an audio store my personal opinion using 4 gauge welding wire is more than efficient for anyone wiring a race car. Its flexible and light weight. I would run a ground wire from the battery to a feed through bulk head in the fire wall then to the engine block. I feel this more of a reliable grounding point than grounding block right to the chassis only.

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