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Hi Guys,

Does anybody have any experience with those?

Summarizing my thoughts:

+ 10-15-25 output options --> can cover anything from "ECU only" to complete car re-wiring

+ Price, especially for the 10 and the 25 versions.

+ decent functionality (2xCAN, Gyro, G-force, logging, logical )

+ Straightforward USB connection and software

+ DT(M) connectors

- DTM connectors for the 10 version --> advertised 15A max out of a DTM pin...

- Plastic casing

- Software seems to have some bug issues still.

Glad to read your thoughts....

From what I understand these are basically a new product. It's not something I've personally had any experience with as yet so can't speak from first hand knowledge sorry. They do appear to be quite well priced.

Thanks for you input Andre. I also believe it's a relatively new product.

My main concern is the 15Amps on a DTM pin. There should be no real issue on the wire side, but the 7.5amps rated DTM pins seem like a bottleneck.

According to the manufacturer, it has been validated to be OK with even more than 15amps, but if someone wants to play it safe, 10 outputs are not that many to start pairing them for fuel pumps and fans, even for a rather simple "ecu only" application.

Any thoughts on the 7.5amp limit set by Deutsch?

I've found the connector pin rating to be the limiting factor for several PDM. It's worth considering that the manufacturer's pin rating is for when all terminals are loaded at the same time.

In practice I haven't encountered any issues using DTM connectors up to 10A with a 2-way housings. A 12-way housing with all terminals loaded at 10A might be a different story.