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Heat Shrink Tape

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding using heat shrink tape on a custom Ducati 2020 wiring loom.

I’ve been using the underbody cloth loom tape which looks good when it’s freshly done but I’ve notice it deteriorates promptly if it comes in contact fuel and high temp.

I’ve decided to re sleeve the harness with DR-25 as I can remove most connectors. However it will be challenge in some areas of the harness to apply the DR-25 due branches and large connectors I’d rather not de pin. I was thinking to apply Raychem heat shrink tape in those areas.

Does anyone have experience with heat shrink tape or suggest a better solution I could apply to keep the harness waterproof and consistent with DR-25?

If you want to make a sealed harness (which is difficult with OEM connectors), you should probably just make a new harness from scratch. Fortunately bike harnesses are pretty small.

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