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How the half bridge works in an AIM PDM-32

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm planning on implementing the AIM PDM-32 in my current project. I don't understand how to wire their (or other) Half Bridge. Do you have any information you can point me to?

We are building an Ultima Evolution and replacing the fuse/relay system with the AIM PDM. The PDM has not been released yet (hopefully in about a month). I specifically wanted to use the Half Bridge to support the wiper system. I attached the wiring diagram I created.

I am not familiar with the "Half Bridge" concept and wanted to understand it better.

Thank you.

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For what application? The circuit you're looking at is more than just the two half bridge outputs and has a control strategy for, in this case, window wipers. Also as far as I know AIM hasn't released their PDM yet so specific information on how they're controlling things may be lacking but fundamentally all half bridges should be wired up the same.

What are you trying to control with a Half Bridge? The application you posted is for a wiper (which can be a bit tricky).

Also, the AiM PDM products while announced aren't shipping yet, so it's unlikely anyone has any direct experience.

I would suggest you contact Aim Tech Support in Lake Elsinore, and I believe they have had some of the pre-released units and are testing them.



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Thank you for the responses. I updated my post with additional information.

I wrote out a bit and realized that I may be conflating a few things and don't want to confuse/put my foot in my mouth so don't take me throwing out a wiki link as a 'psha, figure it out yourself' move:


Essentially think of an h bridge as an output that can both push and pull (12v/ground), and you need 2 working in tandem to complete the circuit controlling the direction of your wiper motors.

Thank you. I searched half bridge and got this. The link you provided is much more relevant.

I have the Aim PDM32 with 6&10 with Emtron kv8 with Can keypad and wiring the wipers But at this Moment the Bridge part of the software Is NOT WORKING YET! I have Been working with Aim about this. The Beta software that I have Will let me do it But not for release Yet ..the release of the new software is coming . I do have a bunch of them Im installing in Miata,EVO and a RZR

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@Engineering Concepts - can you post some screenshots of the half-bridge and low side configuration pages in your beta software? Working on my harness design and will need to use the AiM half bridges but want to be as accurate as possible until live software or documentation comes out.

You can download the Aim Race Studio 3 Beta software from link on this page:


Aim allows you to have both the Beta and release versions of RS3 installed at the same time, so you can work on your configuration in the Beta software.