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IGN1A Coils 13B Rotary Sanity Check

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi Gents, just looking at getting some thoughts on my plan for installing 4 x IGN1A coils for a 13B Rotary.

Rotor 1---> Batt supply 12AWG with 25A fuse ---> 30A relay ---> 2 x 14AWG to Leading and Trailing

Rotor 2---> Batt supply 12AWG with 25A fuse ---> 30A relay ---> 2 x 14AWG to Leading and Trailing

All 3 GND wires from each coil will be 14AWG terminated to rotor housing. (not sure if these can be reduced because of multiple)

- Wire runs will not be very long max 4ft/1.2m.

- All wire will be M22759/32

Attached is a diagram of my plan.

Attached Files

Your plan is completely reasonable and sound, however you probably don't need to be quite as aggressive on the wire gauge. While the coils do have the potential to draw high current, they aren't doing so consistently and you can get away with 20 AWG to the coil power and grounds. If you want to be a little more conservative then 18 AWG is more than sufficient.

^ what he said. For DFI I tend to shoot for 18, though depending on the coils I will also run 20. For waste spark I stick with 18 and sometimes drop down to 16.

With regards to where you're grounding everything, I would recommend grounding the logic ground of each coil to sensor ground, and then the drain and bat - ground to each rotor housing. You may be just fine grounding logic to the rotor in question as well, though its what the coil uses to reference whether or not it should be dwelling so I always err on the side of caution.

Cheers Fellas, thanks for the response greatly appreciated.