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Incorporating Ethernet Cable into a loom

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Has anyone got practical experience of incorporating Ethernet into a loom? Both my ECU and PDU need separate Ethernet connections for laptop connections via their main connectors. A Cat5/6 cable is a bulky thing so I wondered if anyone had stripped the two pairs needed out of a Cat5/6 or even twisted up their own pairs and used those instead?

cheers Nev

I have used CAT5 ethernet cable, and stripped out the twisted pairs I don't need. I have found it convenient to purchase ethernet bulkhead connectors with overmolded backs, often I just use that cable as supplied, but if merged into another harness run, I cut the existing sheathing and remove unused wiring.

David, thank you for that info.

I did find some ultra thin Ethernet cable with moulded ends subsequently with either 28 or 30 gauge wire. But as i have normal ethernet cable hanging around i shall strip out the two pairs needed as you have suggested.

I presume you then twisted the two pairs together to preserve some of the resilience to interference?

Our distances are so short I doubt it makes any difference. Also the Ethernet protocols used by ECUs, PDUs and Dashes are all likely to have error correcting. I doubt you could even notice even a 10% error rate, unlike a crank sensor where a 10% error rate would practically stop the engine.

Excellent, thank you.