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Layering up from a shielded twisted pair cable core

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I am trying to build a concentric twisted cable with a shielded twisted pair as the core (TE 55A1121). When building the first layer around the core cable, should the twist direction be following core cable or should it be opposite to the twist? Thank you.

Hello Jerry,

You want it to be in the opposite direction. Each layer lay direction goes in the opposite from the one before it.

Hello Callum

Yes, what was what I learnt too. But since the core is only a twisted pair there are still gaps between the twisted pair that still shows though the shielding and outer insulation; additional wires fall so naturally into those gaps if twisted in the same direction. Thinking about it again, it's more like completing the layer rather than starting a new one. Should the gaps be filled in first? Or a new layer should be started in the opposite direction with those gaps ignored?

Thank you!

The gaps will be smoothed by laying in the opposite direction, giving you a nice circular cross section.

Hey Jerry,

If I understand you correctly, yes you can fill those gaps with wire. I often use filling gaps in the core to make my 2nd or 3rd layers full without fillers. Though what Callum said is also correct, the next layer will smooth out and hide those gaps to a degree. Easier to do the next layer when the core is more round in my opinion.

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