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MapDCCD wiring question

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I am currently in the process of building the harness for my 2013 WRX with a 6 speed swap. I am building a fully sealed harness and have already done all the heat shrink and all of the connectors are already populated, but I messed up a bit. I haven't shrunk any boots yet. I accidentally misread the instructions for the MapDCCD controller, which calls for a TPS signal, but have unfortunately wired it to my Accelerator Pedal Position. Would that be fine or should I find a way to tap into the TPS signal instead of the APP, which, hypothetically, should provide similar information, right?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!!!


Hey mate,

I would suggest wiring it to the TPS for the sole reason, that the APP may not represent the actual TP% (traction control/torque reduction/any other logic that may result in the actual TPS being less/more than the accel pedal position) and that might cause inaccuracies on the MapDCCD's Auto mode.

Quote from the manual: "DCCD lock is calculated using current and rate of change values from accelerometer sensors and throttle in a mathematical vehicle dynamics model that predicts the required amount of DCCD lock as you drive."

You'd probably want it to reference what the engine is doing, not what your foot is doing. ;P

Tim makes a good point.

On the other hand in some cases you do want your foot to tell the diff control what you are asking of it, but I'd say that's more in a custom tune scenario.

Also if the engine tune is set up for 1:1 APP to TPS, then it doesn't much matter except unless you run into an edge case.

But a pedal will (should) go back to 0%, where as a DBW throttle servo will not do so when the engine is running. This can have an effect on some of the braking strategies in the MapDCCD

I figured out a way to tap into the TPS signal, I found a spare wire on the same connector as the TPS, so I just tapped into it there for the DCCD.

Thank you for the help!

Stephen makes a good point. Depending on base throttle angle for idle, combined with how you set up the MapDCCD, that may be a concern, so be sure you tune it accordingly. I use my own diff module which has spoiled me a bit with simplified wiring.

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