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Materials cost for the FD harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Sorry if this has been addressed already but what was the cost of materials to build this harness?

Think it is a variable question as you will have good access to tooling / wiring being US based. I have a detailed spreadsheet of everything I have brought so far but it isn't going to be overly applicable to you since I have to pay a premium for shipping but more than happy to share if you want to see where I am at.

Yes I would absolutely love to see that. The first harness build I am going to undertake is going to be for a motorcycle which I think will be a nice way to start as it has a relatively simple efi system and of course will be much smaller than a typical car harness. Just curious about a rough estimate of the cost to build this specific harness section (excluding tools and labor of course.)

So some explination first. There is enough 22awg wiring here to do most likely 8-10 cars. I am planning to wire my entire car from scratch so these supplies were purchased in excess. There are also some orders that had wire as well as tools so the totals were based on the invoices I recieved.



Thank you very much Brian that is very informative! I really appreciate what you all are doing with HP Academy. As a contract motorsports technician in the states I can tell you that a lot of the information you are sharing is closely gaurded. Keep up the great work and curriculum and I will most definitely continue to come back for more tasty knowledge! Cheers!

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