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MK60 ABS main connector sealing boot?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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How would I go about sealing the main ABS connector which measures 100mm x 40mm? I have been looking at Hellermann Tyton boots but they only seem to go up to 57mm x 37mm

Any Ideas?




Normally such type of connectors you leave as is. On my mind there is no such backshells or molded boots that will suite this connector type. But if it is not the case you can use one option but it is much more expensive.

- Remove sockets from existing connector (or crimp new one to new wires).

- insert sockets inside PCB header with is located at the pump body.

- Use potting compound such as Resintech RT125 or TE S1125.

- Terminate wires to autosport connector.


I see you speaking of MK60 ABS. I'm noob to electronics but very very intrested in installing this ABS to my BNR32.

Can you give me some advices on how i can do it? We can continue in personal messages or is any kind of messanger on the phone.

I'm planing to make microcontroller that will convert my ABS signal to that MK60 from M3 want to see, but i'm not usre about the other things like can and steering angle that MK60 ABS wnat to see.

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