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moulded boots list

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Can we have a list of moulded boot part numbers for

1.injectors in my case ev1

2.Ti sensor plugs

3. Bosh Dbw plug

4.bosh fluid temp/ presusre sensor plug

5. r35 gtr coil plugs

im trying to find what will work and not work and so far i am lost

G'day Luke. You might find people aren't super willing to give that info out, as it's part of their businesses IP. I'd share it, but I dont have it myself! What I'd do is some measuring on the connectors, and reading of the TE molded shapes specifications that has the recovered shapes and noodle it out from there.

Joel at Racespec released a list for the common DT and DTM connector sizes recently which was a really nice move on his part. If you join up to his facebook group you should be able to find it there :-).

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