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MS Connectors with mixed wires.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I had a question about having a firewall connector where the ECU is in the cab and the shielded wires in the twist of the main body of the harness would have to pass through the firewall connector with the other non shielded wires going into the engine bay. Is there any steps to make sure the shielded wires remain unaffected by the non shielded ones during this transition?

G'day Cody. The metal body of the connector, and its attachment to the firewall help shield all the wires with from outside noise.

There is possibility for a high energy, fast switching signal within the harness, and thus within the same connector as your shielded cable wires to cause you grief at he bulkhead pass though though. If this is the case, usually the troublesome signals are run in a separate harness.

I the real world though, I've not had a situation where it's caused me problems. What are the shielded signals, and what else is going through the same connector?

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