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MS3476A22-55P wire sizing

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi guys,

This connector is suitable for 55 20 awg size contacts (M39029/4-110). Can I use an 18 awg wire in those contacts ? I would only need to pass two wires for a dbw unit. I was able to properly crimp the M22759/16-18 wire into the M39029/4-110 contact. It also seated properly inside the cavity without stretching the hole.

Thanks for the help !

Hi Charles, no you won't be able to use an 18 AWG wire in a 20 AWG contact. If you want to run a higher current (which I assume is your concern) the . I'd splice your 18 AWG wire into two 20 AWG and pass it through the connector using two 20 AWG contacts before splicing it back into a single 18 AWG on the opposite side. The reality is that while the peak current draw is likely to exceed what a 20AWG conductor is rated to handle, you're very rarely going to see that peak current and if so it will only be for a few milliseconds so you can often safely use a smaller conductor than you'd expect.

Hello Andre,

Thanks for answering !

I had to finish it up before I got to see your answer but I was able to pin it properly. The idea of using two contacts for the same wire is brilliant. Unfortunately I didn't have enough extra pins to use that method.

I think I should be fine, the contact is probably a little bit over-crimped but it passed my visual inspection. What do you think ?

Thanks again.

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