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Pinning last “circle” of milspec connector

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hello !

Just got done with another size 24 ms connector and noticed that pinning the last outside circle of the connector was a major PITA.

It was super hard to click the pin in. I broke like 6 insertion tools just doing the outside circle. I didn’t break a single insertion tool with the other inner circles. Used a ton of lubrification too. The backshell was also in the way so I unscrewed it and moved it further back but didn’t seem to help with clicking the pins in all the way.

Is this normal ? I don’t remember having to deal with this with the female part of the same connector.

Thanks !

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Hi Charles,

Short answer.. yes by the sounds of it you’ve been lucky; some days you can pin and de pin the connectors no problem and then other times lots of swearing and several tools later you get the one pin in you’ve been fighting for an hour haha

I haven’t seen a solution to this issue and several people have said the same thing; I’ve found draws full of the little insertion tools in various states of mashed in pro motorsport electronics tools boxes. If someone has the answer I’m sure there is plenty of people that would Be extremely thankful!

your picture looks great! Good luck with the rest!

Hi Dave ,

Thank you for your answer ! Would you happen to know if the Autosport connectors have the same issue ? Never could afford a size 24 autosport kit but if they do NOT have this issue then I’ll consider using them in my next project.

thanks again !

Hi Charles,

Sorry for the late response; I haven’t personally used those connectors but having a look they look identical in the pin insertion nightmare that can happen. But; the main body of the connector could be much easy - I couldn’t say.

for my project I would like to use the Autosport ones so if I get around to doing the electrics over winter I shall post my results.

Had anyone else used the Autosport connectors?

Any issues with vibrations and micro disconnects?

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