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Power wires through connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I need two wires ran through bulkhead to support 2 high amperage fuel pumps (walbro 485) that draw 20amp so I figure I needed 2 size 12 pins that supports 23amps so there's a bit of headroom

However I am running a single 61pin connector with possibility of just using 6 or 8 pins to split those two wires over 2/3 pins each, so 22.5/30amps over those pins right back into a 12 or 14ga wire. I can definitely fit a 61 pin connector through the current opening but if I needed to add a 4 pin connector just for those 2 power wires then I may need to do some cutting or creative measuring. Which would be the more ideal way of doing this?

I tend to use two connectors, one for low-power signal wires, and one with large pins for high-power devices like pumps & fans.

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