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Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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To keep it short and simple, is the precisetool yjq-w1a a suitable replacement for the DMC afm8? I've attached a link of what I'm talking about.


It'll be a the same knockoff of the original tool available from places like aliexpress or similar, just with their branding lasered onto it. I havent tried one myself, so can't comment on their performance or reliability... But considering the price a harness that requires the use of a tool like this costs, the price of the genuine tool isn't huge in comparison. It gives you the confidence and calibration data to know you're getting a good result.

Thanks for the reply. I already found a used DMC for about the same price and decided that was a better option. Your reply inherently answered the next question I was considering as to if it was worth sending in for recertification. Being unknown and the cost of recert I'd say it's worth the one time investment. I'm using on a hobbyist level so I don't think it's worth annual certs with my usage level but definitely worth starting with a known good tool.

Follow up question because I'm lazy. (Actually because I have a ton to research and minimal time to do it.) For our application is there a certain positioner or list of positioners that are the most common? I'd rather have everything on hand before I undertake my first harness like this.

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