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Removing Raychem Boots?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I need to go into my harness for a repair (adding another output to the connector). I have an AS614-35SN connector with a 202K132-25-0 boot on it, sealed with RT-125. Do I just use a razor blade to remove the boot? Any heat? Is there anything besides not nicking the wires below I need to watch out for?

I try to make one slice, then try to get under an edge and peal the remaining off using pliers or nippers to grab the boot. The more I avoid cutting, the less risk of damaging a wire or it's insulation.

No heat needed.

I usually make a slice (that doesn't go thru the whole boot) and heat it, it'll soften the boot and the RT-125, the boot will then split, grab it with pliers like David said and finish the job.

Thank you guys, I will try this to see if it works for me. I appreciate the help.

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