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Running 18 injectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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hello guys,

lately i have been working with drag racing cars, im planning to run nitromethane fuel on a car with a motec m800 ecu, so i thought of running 18 injectors of 2200cc bosch injectors.

any suggestions of what i should be careful of? And how can the wiring be done? Can i give all the set of injectors 1 signal wire so that the ecu will think that it is controlling only 6 injectors?


G'day Omar.

Wiring wise, the setup isn't really any more complicated than a more conventional system, its just more of the same repeated circuit. Work out your current draws and size any common power supply wires accordingly.

While you can run more and one injector from a single output on the ECU, once again the current requirements will be what you need to check. You will need to ensure the ECU is capable of passing the current of more than one injector to ground.

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