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Sample wiring harness design

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Dear friends

I am looking for sample wiring harness design to train my self.

As I finished the professional motorsport wiring harness course. Unfortunately I don't have any project car to start my design.

Can I get some help.



Sure, take a typical project. Let's say connect a standalone ECU (you choose the ECU) to a Honda K20 (or any other engine you would find typical). Just like any project, you'll need to find the pinout documentation for the ECU, learn what requirements/limitations it has for voltage / grounds. Then you need to find documentation on sensors / connectors. Create a spreadsheet with all the connections, and a Layout drawing with the lengths between each connection and how they are bundled.

So what you know:

Engine Ground

12V permanent Power

12V Key-on Power

ECU connection

Engine Crank Sensor

Engine Intake Cam Sensor

Engine Exhaust Cam Sensor

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor

Engine MAP Sensor

Engine Air Temp Sensor

Engine Throttle Position Sensor

VTEC solenoid

Variable Cam Timing Valve

Fuel Pump Relay

Coils 1 - 4

Injectors 1 - 4

Possible Alternator Control?

Possible Knock Input?

Possible Sequential Gearbox Position Input?

Probably need a connection for the Tuning Laptop

Perhaps some outputs for a tach, or CAN output for a racing dash / logger.

Assume the ECU wants to go under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot David.