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sheilding a wiring harness

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when shielding a wire harness i come up with a problem that i need clarified ii have 6 wires in the dizzy that need to be shielded.

i recently took apart a airplane that had a crap ton of milspec connectors that i salvaged some of which are a 32 wire shielded cable

my question is can i run my entire engine harness from that shielded cable or am i going to have to separate the 6 wires from that harness.

my thought that the electro noise in the shielded wire will interfere with the signal from the dizzy it just wont allow anymore noise from outside the shielded cable to interfere

any help would be greatly appreciated

thank in advance


Hello Shane i would be separating the signal wires and running them stand-alone shielded

Regards Ross

Hi Ross bonner thanks for the reply I am going to go that route

Better safe than sorry