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Sourcing Ford connectors for a custom Ford Coyote harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I am getting ready to build my custom engine harness for a Gen 2 Coyote for my MoTec M150 and need a good source for the connectors. I have checked around and found a select few on BMotorsports and a couple on Holley. Holley claims to have a Coyote complete connector kit so I ordered on and the connectors that it has are related to the dominator system and won't work with the coils, cam sensors, actuators and so on. If it really is as big of a deal to source all of them in raw form (pins, housings & seals) as I think it is I may just end up potting them and using Deustch connectors instead.

Thanks in advance!

Almost all the ford connectors are available as pigtails -- that's what I would look for. Go to a Ford dealer and look up the parts for a Mustang with the Coyote -- your looking of the WPT-xxx part numbers.

Here is a document with pictures of most of the WPT parts and where they are used:


Thank you for the very quick reply David! I really appreciate the link to the connector catalog as it will help me identify the the connector part numbers and then hopefully I can order the connectors in raw form from there. I am building my complete engine harness out of Tefzel and would rather not butt connector the TXL that comes with a pigtail. Well that and the fact that pigtail kit wires are typically all the same color too :(

Thanks again sir!

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