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Splicing Rule of Thumb?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey guys,

I'm making good progress on my pin out diagram and laying everything out for my build. I'll be going with an AEM Infinity Series 7 ECU and was wondering if there is a rule of thumb when splicing sensory supply and sensor grounds from several sensors on which ones you should pair together or some that your really shouldn't share. Similarly on actuators. I tried sticking with anything coming in/out of the first main connector stays on that connector and anything going in/out of the second main connector stay on that connector, but there are shared items across both connectors (for example injectors are wired to both connector 1 and connector 2).

Or should you just stick with trying not to splice out more than 4 connectors to one pin?



Bump, good question that I was wondering as well!

With the infinity it doenst matter - as far as I know they are all connected internally to the same 5V/Gnd rail. With some ECU's such as Motec M1 they have the 5V and 0V pins marked in A/B/C pairs so you can get better accuracy from ratiometric sensors but that is an exception rather than the rule.

Thanks for the reply Adam!!! Glad I don't have to go back and redo things :)

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