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Stub splice before connector or 2 wires straight into contact

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Looking for suggestions on how to go about my ignition coils sub-harness interface.

Option A: terminate 2 18 Ga straight into DT size 16 contact. These will then feed two coils for power.

Option B: Splice two 18 Ga into a 16 Ga that goes to the DT contact itself. Than splice back out into two 18 Ga at the other side to feed two coils.

The DT connector will be booted on both ends so sealing is not a big issue.

This will be a 12 pin DT connector and all wire is M22759/32.

I prefer option A as there is less "bulk" without the stub splices (even though the Mini Seal splices are fairly small). However if going with option B there will be 4 splices on each side of the DT12 connector.

This is part of my first go at a fully concentric twisted harness so I am very open to suggestions.

I have attached a sketch of the two options for clarity.

Attached Files

Hello Michael,

I always will use a dedicated splice, as they are designed for the job and are very reliable(when sized & crimped correctly, with the calibrated tooling). Also the wire seal is not just for sealing, it also provides strain relief, which I don't like to compromise by running two wires through. Yes, the splice adds a small amount of bulk, however it is contained within the shrink moulded boot, so in reality this isn't much. I am sure others may do it differently, but for me this has proven the most reliable way to do it and, with a bit of care, just as aesthetically pleasing when completed.

Thank you Callum!

Good info regarding the strain relief by the seal. I do have the proper tool (3137 CT) for the mini seal splices so I am not too concern about reliability of the splice. Hopefully I can make it nice and tidy, since there are 4 of these splices on each side of the connector.

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