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Switching Car lights with CAN Keypad

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hello team. I'm wiring a 2JZ drift E90 car using concentric twisted m22759/32 wire and Link FuryX. The project has reached its budget limit so the customer can't buy a PMU. He wants to control the car lights using the Motec CAN keypad he bought. All of the link Furyx Aux outputs are used so I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the Motec pad to switch the car lights without the ECU or a PMU. I hope someone has a suggestion that can help me. He has three lights that he wants to switch independently as well as the wipers.

Any help is appreciated.

If you can wait a few months we will have proper keypad functionality in the ECU and you could use it to switch your lights via something like the ECUmaster CAN switchboard which has 4 outputs.

There is also micropdm.com but as far as I know it only works with the blink marine keypads, not the greyhill.

Hi Adam. Thank you for your response. From what I understood, you're saying that the Motec CAN keypad we have won't work with Link FuryX at all as the keypad functionality isn't working properly yet?

Because the plan was to use the Motec CAN keypad to turn on launch control and antilag and more of the ecu functionality

Also do you have any other solution (cheap solution) to the switching the lights using a CAN keypad other than micropdm that might work with a motec switchboard since we already bought the Motec one?

If you understand CAN well enough you can set up a couple of custom streams to get the Greyhill keypad working directly with the ECU using just the generic CAN tools that are already there. Simple on/off type functions arent too difficult. It will be a lot more simplified and user friendly when we add that functionality into the software.

Have you heard of the Kaizen relay?


Potentially a relay with CAN module could be the solution that works, though it may require some trickery to work directly off the CAN keypad

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