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Tefzel Wire

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I see that in Step 5 you're using 20awg cable for fans and ignition coils, I'm assuming Tefzel wire has a higher amp rating than TXL wire?

20 AWG should roughly be capable of ~9 amps at continuous duty cycles. Fans have giant inrush current requirements but generally draw far less than most expect under continuous load. I've never seen more than ~6 amps being drawn by each individual coil on my DFI rotary setups @ 9000 rpm.

Hi David thanks for the reply. I’ve attached the amps draw for my engine fan and a table I’ve found online for apparently the amp handling of M22759/32 wire. It’s that table correct?

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You`r right. Within the same conductor gauge Tefzel wire can handle more amps because of its insulation. It is made from ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) so its melting point much higher rather than regular TXL or AVSS wire. 20 Awg Tefzel wire is rated to 8 Amps at 80 deg. C ambient. Maximum allowed temperature for Tefzel wire is 150 deg. C. So technically for your engine fans you could use 20 Awg wire but my recommendation for you, is to use 16 Awg wire. It is always a good rule to add some safety margin to keep your wires cool.

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