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Toggle switches and ring terminals

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I've watched all the wiring videos and while all very helpful I don't recall seeing anything on wiring toggle switches and other components with ring terminals such as switches, terminal blocks and analog gages. We race a vehicle that is exposed to sever vibration and salt water. I'm looking for advise on how to make better sealed and reliable connections to items that don't have plug connections like everything shown in the wiring videos. Thanks


If you're using Honeywell toggle switches a piece of 32/8 ATUM will fit over the back of the switch and recover around the wires nicely.

The screws on the Honeywell switches also have lock washers for vibration resistance.

As far as terminal blocks go, you could switch to a bussed Deutch connector.

Hope this helps.

G'day Charles.

You can get get ring terminals with integrated shrink sections that seal to the wire after they are crimped in place. For providing vibration resistance, I'd look at some sort of threadlocker, but you'd want to make sure it doesn't limit conductivity. Possibly a dollop of RTV after all this to further seal everything away.

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