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Turbo Smart 60mm Egate

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Get everyone,

I'm about to wire up a pretty crazy little Datsun and been designing the Harness for the last week or so. I have two questions that have been floating in my head for a while.

1: Now we are using a 60mm Turbo Smart Egate.

The data sheet says that it has to be configured to have a 1s limit to 20A and 5 seconds to 5A. The unit its self comes with 14AWG wire... All my harnesses are Concentrically twisted and this one is going through a 128 pin firewall breakout. So I want to run the smallest wire I can. 20A for 1 seconds gets me a little worried to run anything smaller than 16AWG

2: Bosch DBW's . Are people running 20AWG for these as the limit is

Hi Mitchell,

What ECU are you driving the EGate with? Most ECU's that i am aware of do not have the ability to supply the required current to the EGate directly and require the use of an external Dual Half Bridge controller to control the drive motor in the EGate. You could use the 20AWG wiring through the bulkhead to control the DHB unit mounted in the engine bay, and supply power to the DHB from a different location.

20AWG can be used with the Bosch DBW motors if the run isn't too long, 18AWG would be the better option.

Emtron KV8 is the ecu on this one.

Hello Mitch,

I am going through the same process and I have decided to use the biggest available wire size according to the contact I was using and simply splice the power pins through a few pins/sockets.

In my case I spliced up the main 14 awg into 2x18awg wires and essentially have 4x18awg wires for the full bridge operation of the valve.

I haven't tested this yet but I don't think I was wrong doing this.

And for the bosch DBW, those damn terminals are so small I couldn't properly crimp a 18 awg wire into them properly and just used 20 awg instead. This was tested and didn't experienced any problem with this.

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