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Type of wire for Deutsch AS connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Do I have to use Tefzel wires if I want to work with Deutsch AS circular connectors or are will it be possible to pin and de-pin other types of wires?

Here is the table for the AS connector range that references the wire size.

So as an example you have a size 20 contact, using size 22AWG wire you need the conductor strands to be within 0.511mm - 0.970mm and the insulation to be 1.02 - 2.11 which is quite a large range. So get specifications of the wire you intend to use. So long as they stack up to this table you shouldn't have a problem.

Thank you, @Bananaman!

I would like to give an example to make sure I understand how to apply the instructions.

If for example I found this chart for TXL wires I would like to use (Image attached) and I'm looking at the first row which is the TXL-22-X. If I understand correctly, the nominal O.D. (1.7 mm in this case) would be the date to use for the "Insulator" column in the chart you shared but I'm not sure what data to use for the conductor size...

Do you have any insight on that?

Thanks again!

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Your correct the O.D is the outside of the insulator.

Your attached table seems to have a wrong heading. This one is correct.

AWG is a standard, it references just the conductor area. All 22awg wires should have the same conductor thickness. So use this table for conductor size.

So for your 22AWG txl it will have an insulator of 1.70mm and a conductor of 0.64516mm

So with those figures you would be able to use the TXL in the Size 20 contact but not the size 22 because the insulation is too thick.

Ahh! I see now!

Funny that the table I attached is a screenshot from ProWireUSA, so they should probably fix it!

Thanks once again Brian! You've really cleared things up for me and now I feel I know how to approach the wire sizing for the connectors!



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